Found Baby Squirrel Who Do I Call

Found Baby Squirrel: Who Do I Call?

Coming across a baby squirrel that has been abandoned or is in distress can be a heartwrenching experience. You may find yourself wondering who to call and what steps to take to ensure the wellbeing of the tiny creature. In this article, we will guide you through the process of finding help for a found baby squirrel.

The first step is to determine if the squirrel is truly orphaned or in danger. It is not uncommon for baby squirrels to be left alone temporarily while their mother forages for food. Observe the squirrel from a distance for at least an hour to see if the mother returns. If she doesn’t, or if the baby appears injured or in immediate danger, it’s time to take action.

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding found baby squirrels:

1. How can I tell if a baby squirrel is in distress?
Signs of distress include excessive crying, shivering, visible injuries, or being alone for an extended period.

2. Who should I call if I find a baby squirrel?
Contact your local wildlife rehabilitation center or animal control agency for guidance.

3. Can I keep the squirrel as a pet?
It is illegal in many places to keep a wild squirrel as a pet. It’s best to contact professionals who can provide proper care.

4. Should I feed the baby squirrel?
Unless instructed by a professional, avoid feeding the squirrel. Improper feeding can cause more harm than good.

5. How should I handle the baby squirrel?
Use gloves or a towel to handle the squirrel, as they may carry diseases or parasites.

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6. Can I release the baby squirrel back into the wild?
Only a trained wildlife rehabilitator can determine if the squirrel is ready for release.

7. How long can a baby squirrel survive without its mother?
Baby squirrels are dependent on their mother for several weeks, so prompt action is crucial.

8. What will happen to the baby squirrel after I call for help?
Depending on the situation, the squirrel will be assessed, treated if necessary, and cared for until it can be released back into the wild.

9. Can I keep the baby squirrel until help arrives?
It is best to leave the squirrel alone and wait for professional assistance to ensure its proper care.

10. Will the baby squirrel be euthanized if I call for help?
Wildlife rehabilitation centers aim to release animals back into their natural habitat whenever possible. Euthanasia is only considered in severe cases or when the animal cannot be safely released.

11. Is there a cost associated with finding help for a baby squirrel?
Some wildlife rehabilitation centers may ask for a donation, but their primary concern is the welfare of the animal.

12. Can I visit the squirrel during its rehabilitation?
Most wildlife rehabilitation centers do not allow public visitation to minimize stress on the animals.

Remember, finding a baby squirrel can be a delicate situation, and it’s crucial to seek professional help. Rehabilitating a wild animal requires specialized knowledge and resources that wildlife experts possess. By reaching out to the appropriate authorities, you can ensure the baby squirrel receives the care it needs to have the best chance of survival and eventual release back into its natural habitat.

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