How Do Baby Sims Go to the Bathroom

How Do Baby Sims Go to the Bathroom?

In the world of The Sims, a popular life simulation video game, players get to create and control virtual characters, including babies. These digital infants have their own unique needs, and one of the most essential ones is attending to their bathroom needs. However, unlike adult Sims, baby Sims have a different way of going to the bathroom.

In The Sims, baby Sims have a diaper that needs to be changed regularly. When a baby Sim feels the need to relieve themselves, they will give players a notification by crying and displaying a thought bubble with a diaper icon. Players must then interact with the baby to change their diaper. This can be done by selecting the baby and choosing the “Change Diaper” option.

Once the diaper is changed, baby Sims will be clean and happy again. However, it’s important to note that the diaper will eventually become soiled again, and players will need to repeat the process. Neglecting to change the diaper in a timely manner may result in the baby becoming uncomfortable and crying continuously.


1. How often do baby Sims need their diapers changed?
Baby Sims will give players a notification when they need their diapers changed. It is recommended to attend to their needs promptly to keep them comfortable.

2. Can baby Sims use toilets or potties?
No, baby Sims cannot use toilets or potties. They rely solely on their diapers for their bathroom needs.

3. How long does it take for a diaper to become soiled again?
The time it takes for a diaper to become soiled again can vary. It depends on factors such as the baby’s age and needs.

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4. Are there different types of diapers available in the game?
No, The Sims does not offer different types of diapers. All baby Sims use the same standard diaper.

5. Can I hire a nanny or babysitter to take care of diaper changes?
Yes, players can hire a nanny or babysitter to take care of various tasks, including changing diapers.

6. What happens if I neglect to change a baby Sim’s diaper?
Neglecting to change a baby Sim’s diaper will make them uncomfortable and result in continuous crying until their needs are met.

7. Can I change a baby Sim’s diaper before it becomes soiled?
Yes, players can change a baby Sim’s diaper at any time, even before it becomes soiled. However, it is not necessary unless the baby Sim’s mood is affected.

8. How can I speed up the diaper changing process?
Players can purchase items such as changing tables or use the “Change Diaper” interaction to speed up the process.

9. Can baby Sims go to the bathroom in public places?
No, baby Sims cannot go to the bathroom in public places. They require a changing table or their home environment.

10. Can I potty train my baby Sim?
No, potty training is not available for baby Sims. They will automatically transition to using the toilet when they age up to a child.

11. Do baby Sims react differently to different diaper brands?
No, all baby Sims have the same reaction to diaper changes, regardless of the brand.

12. Can I control when a baby Sim needs a diaper change?
No, the need for a diaper change is autonomous. Players can only respond to the baby Sim’s cues and change the diaper accordingly.

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In The Sims, baby Sims rely on their caregivers to attend to their bathroom needs by changing their diapers. It’s an essential task that ensures the baby’s comfort and happiness. By promptly responding to their cues and changing their diapers, players can maintain a healthy and content virtual baby Sim.

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