How to Create a Baby Registry at Target

How to Create a Baby Registry at Target

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is an exciting and joyous time. One important task to check off your to-do list is creating a baby registry. A baby registry not only helps you keep track of the items you need but also enables friends and family to purchase gifts that will be useful for your little one. Target is a popular destination for baby registries, offering a wide range of products and convenient services. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a baby registry at Target.

Step 1: Sign up for an account
Visit the Target website or download the Target app and create an account if you don’t already have one. This will allow you to manage your registry online, make updates, and access special offers.

Step 2: Start your registry
Once you’re signed in, navigate to the Target Baby Registry page. Click on “Create Registry” and provide the necessary information, such as your name, due date, and baby’s gender (if known). You can also choose whether your registry is public or private.

Step 3: Add items to your registry
Browse through Target’s extensive selection of baby products and start adding items to your registry. Target provides categories and filters to make the process easier. You can add everything from diapers and clothing to nursery furniture and strollers.

Step 4: Customize your registry
Personalize your registry by adding a profile picture and a special message for your friends and family. You can also select a theme that reflects your style and preferences.

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Step 5: Share your registry
Once your registry is complete, it’s time to share it with your loved ones. Target makes this easy by providing a shareable link that you can send via email or social media. You can also print registry cards from the website to include in shower invitations or announcements.

Step 6: Manage your registry
As you receive gifts and your needs change, it’s important to manage your registry. Target allows you to adjust quantities, add or remove items, and even track thank-you notes. You can do all of this online or through the Target app.

Creating a baby registry at Target is a straightforward process, but you may have some questions along the way. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:


1. Can I create a baby registry in-store?
Yes, you can create a registry in-store at any Target location. Simply visit the registry kiosk or ask for assistance from a Target team member.

2. Is there a fee to create a registry at Target?
No, creating a baby registry at Target is completely free.

3. Can I return items from my registry?
Yes, Target has a flexible return policy. Most items can be returned within 90 days with a receipt.

4. Can I add items from other websites to my Target registry?
Yes, Target allows you to add items from other websites using their universal registry feature.

5. How do I qualify for the completion discount?
Target offers a 15% completion discount, which can be used on any remaining items in your registry. You will receive a coupon approximately eight weeks before your due date.

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6. Can I reserve items for later purchase?
No, Target does not allow you to reserve items from your registry. It’s recommended to purchase any essential items yourself to ensure availability.

7. Can I make my registry private?
Yes, you have the option to make your registry private, meaning only those with the link can access it.

8. Can I manage my registry from the Target app?
Yes, the Target app allows you to manage your registry conveniently from your mobile device.

9. Can I see who purchased items from my registry?
Yes, Target provides a thank-you list that shows who purchased each item. This makes writing thank-you notes a breeze.

10. Can I use my registry for online purchases only?
No, your registry can be used for both online and in-store purchases.

11. Can I add gift cards to my registry?
Yes, you can add Target gift cards to your registry, allowing your loved ones to contribute to larger purchases.

12. How long will my registry be available?
Your Target baby registry will be available for a year after your due date, giving you plenty of time to make any necessary changes or additions.

Creating a baby registry at Target is a simple and convenient process. By following these steps and utilizing the helpful features offered, you can ensure that your registry is a useful tool for both you and your loved ones. Happy registering!