How to Make a Baby Villager Grow Faster

How to Make a Baby Villager Grow Faster

In the world of Minecraft, villagers play a crucial role in trading, farming, and even providing valuable resources. However, waiting for a baby villager to grow up can be a time-consuming task. If you’re eager to speed up the growth process, here are some tips on how to make a baby villager grow faster.

1. Provide a Comfortable Environment: Ensure that your village has enough beds and workstations for all the villagers. Providing a comfortable and spacious environment encourages faster growth.

2. Feed the Baby Villager: Just like in real life, nutrition is essential for growth. Drop food items such as bread, carrots, or potatoes near the baby villager. They will automatically pick them up and consume them, accelerating their growth.

3. Use Bonemeal: Bonemeal is a valuable resource that can be used to speed up the growth of various plants in Minecraft. Surprisingly, it can also be used on baby villagers! Simply right-click on the baby villager with bonemeal, and watch them grow rapidly.

4. Build a Playground: Constructing a playground can help stimulate the baby villager’s growth. Include swings, slides, and other interactive elements that can entertain them. The more they play, the faster they will grow.

5. Use Time Acceleration Mods: If you’re playing on the PC version of Minecraft, consider using time acceleration mods. These mods allow you to speed up the in-game time, effectively making the baby villager grow faster.

6. Use the /time command: If you have administrative privileges in your Minecraft world, you can use the /time command to change the in-game time. Set the time to morning or noon to speed up the baby villager’s growth.

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7. Trade with Adult Villagers: Interacting with adult villagers can indirectly speed up the growth of baby villagers. Trading with adult villagers can increase the village’s popularity, which in turn boosts the growth rate of baby villagers.

8. Provide Educational Opportunities: Place bookshelves, lecterns, or crafting tables near the baby villager to encourage learning. The more they interact with these objects, the faster they will grow.

9. Avoid Disturbances: Loud noises, explosions, or attacks from hostile mobs can disrupt a baby villager’s growth process. Ensure that your village is safe and free from any disturbances.

10. Ensure High Village Population: A higher population in your village can increase the growth rate of baby villagers. Encourage new villagers to move in by building more houses and providing enough beds.

11. Utilize Beacons: Beacons are powerful blocks that emit a beneficial effect within their range. If you place a beacon near the baby villager, it will receive a regeneration effect, allowing it to grow faster.

12. Patience is Key: Despite all the techniques mentioned above, it’s important to remember that baby villagers still take some time to grow. Be patient and give them the time they need to mature into adult villagers.


1. How long does it take for a baby villager to grow up naturally?
It takes approximately 20 minutes (real-time) for a baby villager to grow up naturally.

2. Can you speed up a baby villager’s growth with commands?
Unfortunately, there are no specific commands to speed up a baby villager’s growth. However, you can change the in-game time using the /time command.

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3. Can I feed baby villagers any food item?
Yes, you can feed baby villagers various food items, including bread, carrots, potatoes, or beetroot.

4. Can I use bonemeal on baby animals too?
No, bonemeal only works on plants and baby villagers in Minecraft.

5. How do I make my village more popular?
Trading with adult villagers, curing zombie villagers, or providing enough beds and workstations can increase the village’s popularity.

6. How many beds should I have for a village to be considered “comfortable”?
You should have at least one bed for each villager in your village.

7. Can I use time acceleration mods on other versions of Minecraft?
Time acceleration mods are usually available for the PC version of Minecraft.

8. How far should the playground be from the village?
The playground should be within the village boundaries to ensure easy access for baby villagers.

9. Can I use multiple beacons to boost growth?
Yes, you can use multiple beacons to increase the growth rate of baby villagers.

10. Can hostile mobs kill baby villagers?
Yes, baby villagers are vulnerable to attacks from hostile mobs. Ensure that your village is well-protected.

11. Can I speed up baby animal growth too?
No, baby animals grow at a fixed rate and cannot be accelerated like baby villagers.

12. Can I use bonemeal on baby villagers in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?
Yes, bonemeal can be used on baby villagers in both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft.