How to Protect Baby Bunnies From Cats

How to Protect Baby Bunnies From Cats

Bunnies are adorable creatures that bring joy to many households. However, if you have a pet cat, it can pose a threat to the safety of baby bunnies. Cats are natural hunters and may see bunnies as prey. To ensure the safety of your baby bunnies, it is essential to take necessary precautions. Here are some tips on how to protect baby bunnies from cats:

1. Separate living spaces: Keep your bunnies and cats in separate areas of your home. This will prevent any accidental encounters and reduce the risk of harm.

2. Secure outdoor enclosures: If your bunnies have an outdoor enclosure, ensure it is secure and cat-proof. Use sturdy fencing and cover the top to prevent cats from jumping in.

3. Supervise interactions: Whenever you allow your bunnies and cats to interact, closely supervise their interactions. This will allow you to intervene if necessary and ensure the safety of the bunnies.

4. Provide hiding spots: Create hiding spots for your bunnies within their living areas. This will give them a safe place to retreat if they feel threatened by a cat.

5. Use scent deterrents: Cats are deterred by certain scents, such as citrus or lavender. Use natural deterrents, like orange peels or lavender sprays, around the bunny’s living area to discourage cats from approaching.

6. Opt for elevated spaces: Cats love to climb, so provide elevated spaces for your bunnies. This could be in the form of platforms or shelves, which are inaccessible to cats.

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7. Install motion-activated devices: Motion-activated devices, like sprinklers or alarms, can startle cats and deter them from approaching the bunny’s living area.

8. Use physical barriers: Create physical barriers to keep cats away from the bunny’s living area. This could be in the form of baby gates or mesh screens.

9. Minimize outdoor time: Limit the time your bunnies spend outside, especially when cats are more active, such as during dawn and dusk. This will reduce the risk of encounters with cats.

10. Close windows and doors: Ensure all windows and doors are securely closed when your bunnies are out of their enclosure. This will prevent cats from entering your home and posing a threat to the bunnies.

11. Train your cat: If possible, train your cat to stay away from the bunny’s living area. Use positive reinforcement techniques, like treats or toys, to reward good behavior.

12. Neuter your cat: Neutering your cat can reduce their hunting instincts and make them less likely to pose a threat to the bunnies.


1. Can cats and bunnies live together peacefully?
While it is possible for cats and bunnies to coexist peacefully, precautions should be taken to ensure the safety of the bunnies.

2. How old should baby bunnies be before interacting with cats?
It is best to wait until baby bunnies are older and have grown in size before allowing them to interact with cats.

3. Can cats be trained not to harm bunnies?
Yes, cats can be trained to stay away from bunnies using positive reinforcement techniques.

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4. Are there any scents that repel cats?
Cats are repelled by scents like citrus, lavender, and peppermint. Use these natural deterrents around the bunny’s living area.

5. Are there any specific cat breeds that are less likely to harm bunnies?
There are no specific cat breeds that are less likely to harm bunnies. It depends on the individual cat’s temperament and hunting instincts.

6. How high should the fencing be to keep cats out?
The fencing should be at least 6 feet high to prevent cats from jumping over.

7. Can outdoor enclosures be completely cat-proof?
While outdoor enclosures can be made secure, it is impossible to guarantee they are completely cat-proof. Regular monitoring is still necessary.

8. Can bunnies defend themselves against cats?
Bunnies are not equipped to defend themselves against cats. They rely on humans to protect them.

9. Should bunnies be kept indoors to protect them from cats?
Keeping bunnies indoors can ensure their safety from cats. However, providing them with a safe outdoor enclosure is also an option.

10. How long should interactions between cats and bunnies be supervised?
Interactions between cats and bunnies should always be supervised to ensure the safety of the bunnies.

11. Can cats be trained to befriend bunnies?
While some cats may be able to befriend bunnies, it is not recommended to force this interaction as it can be stressful for both animals.

12. Should bunnies be exposed to cats from a young age to get used to them?
It is not necessary to purposely expose bunnies to cats from a young age. It is better to keep them separate to avoid any potential harm.

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