How to Uber With an Infant

How to Uber With an Infant: A Comprehensive Guide

Uber has become a convenient mode of transportation for people worldwide. Whether you are a new parent or simply need to travel with an infant, it’s important to know how to Uber safely and comfortably. In this article, we will guide you through the process of Ubering with an infant, from choosing the right car seat to ensuring a smooth ride.

1. Choose the right car seat: Before booking an Uber, make sure you have an appropriate car seat for your infant’s age and weight. It’s essential to prioritize your child’s safety during the journey.

2. Request a car with a car seat option: Many Uber drivers offer car seats for passengers upon request. When booking your ride, select the “car seat” option to find drivers who can accommodate your needs.

3. Confirm with the driver: After your ride is confirmed, contact the driver to confirm that they have a car seat available. Provide them with any specific instructions regarding the car seat installation.

4. Ensure proper installation: When you enter the vehicle, check that the car seat is securely installed. It should be facing the rear, as recommended for infants. If you are unsure about the installation, ask the driver for assistance.

5. Bring necessary supplies: Pack essentials like diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes in a bag that is easily accessible during the ride. This will help you handle any unforeseen situations.

6. Dress your infant comfortably: Dress your baby in comfortable clothing suitable for the weather conditions. Avoid bulky layers that may hinder proper installation of the car seat straps.

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7. Be prepared for delays: Traffic or unexpected circumstances may cause delays during your Uber ride. Plan for extra time to reach your destination, especially if you have an appointment or time-sensitive commitment.

8. Maintain hygiene: Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer to clean your hands before and after handling your infant during the ride. It’s always essential to prioritize hygiene, especially when traveling with a young child.

9. Use a baby carrier: If your infant is small enough, consider using a baby carrier instead of a car seat during the Uber ride. This option may provide more comfort and convenience.

10. Communicate with your driver: If you have any specific requests or concerns, communicate with your driver. They may be able to accommodate your needs or provide additional assistance.

11. Tip your driver: If your Uber driver was particularly helpful or accommodating during your journey with an infant, consider tipping them as a token of appreciation.

12. Leave feedback: After your Uber ride, provide feedback on the app regarding your experience. This helps Uber improve their service and enables future passengers to make informed decisions.


1. Can I bring my own car seat?
Yes, you can bring your own car seat and install it in the Uber vehicle. However, it’s essential to ensure that it meets safety standards and is compatible with the vehicle.

2. Can I request a specific type of car seat?
Uber provides a range of car seat options, but you may not be able to request a specific type. It’s best to communicate your needs with the driver before the ride.

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3. Are all Uber drivers required to provide car seats?
No, not all Uber drivers offer car seats. However, you can filter your search for drivers who do by selecting the “car seat” option when booking.

4. Can I book an Uber if I don’t have a car seat?
Most cities require infants to be properly secured in a car seat. It’s important to have a car seat for your infant’s safety, so consider borrowing or renting one if needed.

5. Can I hold my infant in my arms during the Uber ride?
It’s not safe to hold your infant in your arms during the ride. Infants should be secured in a car seat or a suitable baby carrier.

6. Can I travel with multiple children in an Uber with a car seat?
Yes, you can travel with multiple children in an Uber with a car seat. However, you may need to request a larger vehicle to accommodate everyone comfortably.

7. Can I install my car seat in a two-door Uber vehicle?
Installing a car seat in a two-door Uber vehicle may be challenging due to limited space and accessibility. It’s best to request a four-door vehicle for convenience.

8. Are Uber drivers trained to install car seats properly?
Uber drivers are not specifically trained to install car seats. However, they should be able to assist you in securing the car seat according to your instructions.

9. Can I tip the driver for providing a car seat?
Yes, you can tip your driver for providing a car seat and being accommodating during the ride. It’s a kind gesture to acknowledge their efforts.

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10. Can I cancel my Uber ride if the driver doesn’t have a car seat?
If the driver doesn’t have a car seat despite your request, you can cancel the ride without any charges. Report the issue to Uber for further assistance.

11. Is it safe to Uber with an infant during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Uber has implemented safety measures to protect passengers and drivers during the pandemic. Follow local health guidelines and prioritize your infant’s safety.

12. Can I Uber with an infant internationally?
Uber availability and regulations vary by country. Before traveling internationally, check if Uber is available at your destination and familiarize yourself with local regulations regarding car seats.

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