How to Uber With an Infant

How to Uber With an Infant: A Comprehensive Guide

Ridesharing services like Uber have revolutionized transportation, offering convenience and flexibility to millions of people worldwide. However, for parents with infants, the idea of using Uber can be quite daunting. Safety concerns and logistical challenges often arise when considering how to Uber with an infant. But fear not, as this article provides a comprehensive guide on how to safely and comfortably Uber with your little one.

1. Check the car seat policy: Before requesting an Uber, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the company’s car seat policy. While some Uber drivers may provide car seats, it’s always better to bring your own to ensure your baby’s safety.

2. Choose the right car seat: Selecting an appropriate car seat is crucial. Ensure it meets the local safety standards and is suitable for your child’s age, weight, and height. A rear-facing car seat is recommended for infants, as per safety guidelines.

3. Install the car seat correctly: Make sure the car seat is properly installed before your Uber arrives. Familiarize yourself with the car seat manual and secure it tightly using the vehicle’s seat belt.

4. Request an UberXL or UberSUV: To accommodate your infant’s car seat, it’s advisable to request a larger vehicle like UberXL or UberSUV. These options offer ample space for your baby and their car seat.

5. Inform your driver in advance: Once your ride is confirmed, use the Uber app to contact your driver and inform them that you’ll be traveling with an infant and require a car seat. This way, they can be prepared and ensure a smooth experience.

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6. Be prepared for waiting time: It’s essential to account for extra time when traveling with an infant. Babies require frequent diaper changes, feeding, and other care, so plan accordingly to minimize any inconvenience.

7. Streamline your belongings: Avoid carrying excessive luggage or unnecessary items. A compact diaper bag with essential supplies will make your journey easier and more convenient.

8. Sit in the backseat: For added safety, always sit in the backseat with your infant. This way, you can closely monitor your baby and tend to their needs during the ride.

9. Dress your baby appropriately: Consider the weather conditions and dress your baby accordingly. Layer their clothing, so you can easily adjust their comfort level if necessary.

10. Use a stroller for convenience: If you have a stroller, you can use it to transport your baby to and from the car. However, keep in mind that not all Uber drivers can accommodate strollers, so it’s always good to confirm with the driver in advance.

11. Be polite and considerate: Remember, Uber drivers are providing a service, so it’s important to be respectful and considerate. Treat them with kindness and thank them for their assistance.

12. Leave feedback: After your ride, take a moment to provide feedback through the Uber app. This allows you to commend drivers who provided exceptional service or highlight any issues you may have encountered.


1. Are car seats provided by Uber?
– Some drivers may offer car seats, but it’s best to bring your own for your infant’s safety.

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2. Can I book an Uber in advance for traveling with an infant?
– Unfortunately, Uber does not currently offer advanced booking, so you’ll need to request a ride when you’re ready to travel.

3. Can I request a specific driver who provides car seats?
– The Uber app does not allow you to choose specific drivers. However, you can contact your driver after booking to inform them about your requirements.

4. Can I bring my infant in a baby carrier instead of a car seat?
– No, it’s important to use a car seat while traveling with an infant in an Uber for their safety.

5. Are there any additional charges for bringing an infant in an Uber?
– Uber does not charge extra for infants, but rates may vary depending on the type of vehicle you request.

6. Can I bring a pet carrier along with the infant’s car seat?
– It’s best to check with your Uber driver in advance, as some may have restrictions on carrying both a car seat and a pet carrier.

7. Can I tip my Uber driver for helping with the car seat?
– Yes, tipping is always appreciated for excellent service, including assistance with the car seat.

8. How can I ensure my baby’s safety during the ride?
– Make sure the car seat is properly installed and securely fastened. Sit in the backseat with your infant, and monitor them throughout the journey.

9. Can I bring a stroller in an Uber?
– Not all Uber drivers can accommodate strollers, so it’s best to check with the driver beforehand.

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10. Is it safe to Uber with an infant during the pandemic?
– It’s important to follow local health guidelines and take necessary precautions such as wearing masks, sanitizing hands, and maintaining social distance.

11. Can I cancel an Uber ride if the driver doesn’t have a car seat?
– Yes, you can cancel the ride if the driver cannot provide a car seat for your infant.

12. Are Uber drivers trained to install car seats correctly?
– Uber drivers are not required to be trained in car seat installation. It’s your responsibility to ensure the car seat is properly installed.