What Are Baby Turkeys Called?

What Are Baby Turkeys Called?

Baby turkeys, also known as poults, are adorable and fascinating creatures. These young birds have their own set of names and characteristics that distinguish them from their adult counterparts. If you’re curious about what baby turkeys are called and want to learn more about them, read on!

Baby turkeys are referred to as poults. The term “poult” is derived from the French word “poule,” which means chicken or hen. It is used to describe young turkeys from the moment they hatch until they reach adolescence. During this period, poults undergo significant growth and development.

Poults are cute and fluffy, covered in soft down feathers that provide insulation and warmth. Unlike adult turkeys, they have a more rounded shape and lack the distinct features such as wattles and snoods. They also have a high-pitched peeping sound, which is quite different from the gobbling sound made by adult turkeys.

As poults grow, they go through various stages of development. Initially, they rely on their mothers for warmth and protection. They follow their mother, known as a hen, in a single-file line called a “pecking order.” The hen teaches her poults essential skills, such as finding food and evading predators.

Here are some frequently asked questions about baby turkeys:

1. How long do poults stay with their mother?
Poults typically stay with their mother for about five to six months.

2. What do baby turkeys eat?
Baby turkeys eat a special diet of turkey starter feed, which provides the necessary nutrients for their growth.

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3. How long does it take for poults to hatch?
Poults usually take about 28 days to hatch from their eggs.

4. Can you keep baby turkeys as pets?
Yes, baby turkeys can be kept as pets, but they require proper care, space, and a specific diet.

5. Do baby turkeys fly?
Baby turkeys are not capable of flying until they are several weeks old.

6. How do you sex baby turkeys?
Determining the sex of baby turkeys is challenging. It becomes easier as they grow older and develop secondary sexual characteristics.

7. What is the average lifespan of a turkey?
Domesticated turkeys can live up to 10 years, while wild turkeys may live up to 12 years.

8. How many eggs does a hen lay?
Hens can lay an average of 10-14 eggs over a two-week period.

9. Do baby turkeys have names?
While baby turkeys don’t have individual names, they are collectively called poults.

10. Can poults swim?
Poults are not natural swimmers, but some may instinctively swim if introduced to water at a young age.

11. When do poults start to gobble?
Poults do not gobble like adult turkeys. Gobbling is a behavior primarily exhibited by mature male turkeys.

12. Are baby turkeys easy to raise?
Raising baby turkeys requires dedication, knowledge, and appropriate facilities. It can be challenging but rewarding.

In summary, baby turkeys, or poults, are the young and adorable counterparts of adult turkeys. They undergo various stages of development, rely on their mothers for care and guidance, and have their own set of unique characteristics. Whether you’re considering raising poults or simply curious about these fascinating creatures, understanding what baby turkeys are called is just the beginning of an exciting journey.

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