What Country Puts Babies Outside to Nap

Title: What Country Puts Babies Outside to Nap: Unveiling the Benefits of Outdoor Napping


While the notion of leaving babies to sleep outside unattended may seem unusual to many, various cultures have embraced this practice for centuries. One such country is Finland, where it is customary for parents to put their infants to nap outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions. This article explores the reasons behind this unique tradition and sheds light on the benefits it offers to babies and their parents.

The Finnish Tradition

In Finland, the practice of putting babies to nap outside is deeply rooted in their cultural heritage. Known as “ulkoilma uni” or “outdoor sleep,” this tradition has been followed for decades. Finnish parents believe that fresh air, combined with the natural sounds and sensory experiences of the environment, promotes healthy development in infants.

Benefits of Outdoor Napping

1. Enhanced Sleep Patterns: Babies who nap outside tend to sleep longer and more peacefully, thanks to the calming effects of nature.

2. Improved Immune System: Exposure to fresh air is believed to strengthen the immune system, helping babies build resistance against common illnesses.

3. Increased Vitamin D Intake: Outdoor napping ensures that babies receive ample sunlight, promoting the production of essential vitamin D for healthy bone development.

4. Enhanced Sensory Stimulation: The outdoor environment provides a wide range of sensory experiences, stimulating the development of a baby’s senses.

5. Connection with Nature: Outdoor napping fosters an early appreciation for nature, allowing babies to develop a sense of connection with their surroundings.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is it safe to leave babies unattended outside?
Finnish parents follow strict safety guidelines, ensuring the baby’s crib remains stable and secure, and the baby is monitored closely.

2. What if the weather is unfavorable?
Finnish parents believe that dressing babies appropriately for the weather conditions is crucial. Babies are often bundled up in warm clothing and placed in temperature-regulated cribs.

3. Are there any age restrictions for outdoor napping?
Outdoor napping is generally suitable for infants from a few weeks old until they transition to longer naps in a cot.

4. How long do babies nap outside?
Finnish parents often let babies nap outside for 1-3 hours, depending on their individual sleep patterns and weather conditions.

5. Does outdoor napping affect a baby’s sleep routine?
On the contrary, it is believed that outdoor napping helps establish a consistent sleep routine and promotes longer, uninterrupted sleep.

6. Are there any studies supporting the benefits of outdoor napping?
While empirical evidence is limited, some studies suggest that outdoor napping positively impacts babies’ well-being, sleep quality, and immune system.

7. Is the practice of outdoor napping exclusive to Finland?
Although Finland is renowned for this tradition, similar practices can be found in other Scandinavian countries and certain communities around the world.

8. Can outdoor napping be adopted in any country?
Outdoor napping can be adopted in countries with suitable climates and appropriate safety measures in place. It is best to consult with pediatricians before adopting this practice.

9. What if the baby wakes up while napping outside?
Finnish parents ensure that they are nearby during the baby’s nap, allowing them to respond promptly if the baby wakes up.

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10. Does outdoor napping have any long-term benefits?
While research is ongoing, some believe that the positive effects of outdoor napping may contribute to the long-term physical and mental well-being of children.

11. Do parents find outdoor napping beneficial?
Parents often report that outdoor napping provides them with a sense of peace, as babies tend to sleep longer and more contentedly.

12. Can outdoor napping be practiced year-round?
In Finland, outdoor napping is a year-round practice, demonstrating that with the right attire and safety precautions, it can be adapted to different climates.


The Finnish tradition of putting babies to nap outside serves as a fascinating example of cultural practices with potential benefits for infant development. While it may not be suitable or practical for every country or climate, understanding the underlying principles can help parents make informed decisions about their baby’s sleep routine. As with any parenting choice, consulting with healthcare professionals is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of the child.

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