What Do Baby Squirrels Eat and Drink

What Do Baby Squirrels Eat and Drink?

Baby squirrels, also known as kits or pups, are adorable and delightful creatures. However, many people are unsure about their dietary needs and what to feed them. In this article, we will explore what baby squirrels eat and drink to ensure their proper growth and development.

1. Mother’s Milk: Like most mammals, baby squirrels receive their primary nutrition from their mother’s milk during their early weeks of life. Squirrel milk is highly nutritious and contains essential fats and proteins necessary for their growth.

2. Formula Substitute: In case a baby squirrel is orphaned or separated from its mother, a formula substitute is required. A specialized formula designed for squirrels can be found at pet stores or wildlife rehabilitation centers. It is crucial to follow the instructions provided and consult professionals if needed.

3. Transition to Solid Food: As baby squirrels grow, they begin to transition from milk to solid food. This transition usually starts around five to six weeks of age when their teeth start to emerge.

4. Soft Foods: Initially, baby squirrels can be fed soft, easily digestible foods such as mashed fruits like bananas and apples. These fruits provide them with essential vitamins and minerals.

5. Nuts: As baby squirrels get older, they can start to eat nuts. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, and pecans can be ground into a fine powder and mixed with their food. However, it is essential to avoid salted or flavored nuts.

6. Seeds: Alongside nuts, baby squirrels can also consume a variety of seeds, including sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. These seeds are a good source of healthy fats and proteins.

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7. Vegetables: Baby squirrels can benefit from a variety of vegetables. Some suitable options include leafy greens like spinach and kale, as well as carrots and peas. It is best to cook or steam vegetables before feeding them to the baby squirrels.

8. Acorns: As baby squirrels grow, they can start to eat acorns. Acorns are a natural part of their diet and offer a good source of carbohydrates.

9. Water: Alongside their solid food intake, baby squirrels also need access to water. They can start drinking water after they transition to solid food. A shallow dish of fresh water should always be available for them.

10. Weaning: Baby squirrels are generally weaned between eight to twelve weeks of age. During this time, they gradually transition to a diet that includes more solid foods and less milk or formula.

11. Specialized Squirrel Diets: If you are unsure about providing a well-balanced diet for baby squirrels, you can find specialized squirrel diets available in stores. These diets are specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of growing squirrels.

12. Consult Professionals: If you find a baby squirrel in need of care, it is essential to contact local wildlife rehabilitation centers or experts. They can provide guidance on feeding and caring for baby squirrels and ensure their overall well-being.

FAQs about Baby Squirrels’ Diet:

1. Can I feed baby squirrels cow’s milk?
No, cow’s milk is not suitable for baby squirrels as it lacks the necessary nutrients for their growth. Only squirrel-specific formula or their mother’s milk should be used.

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2. Can I feed baby squirrels bread or crackers?
Bread and crackers are not suitable for baby squirrels as they lack essential nutrients. Stick to their natural diet of fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables.

3. How often should I feed baby squirrels?
Baby squirrels should be fed every 3-4 hours, including during the night, until they are weaned.

4. Can baby squirrels eat meat?
No, meat should not be included in a baby squirrel’s diet. Stick to their natural diet of fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables.

5. Can I feed baby squirrels peanut butter?
Peanut butter should be avoided as baby squirrels may have difficulty digesting it. Stick to natural nuts and seeds instead.

6. Can baby squirrels eat grapes?
Grapes can be given to baby squirrels, but they should be cut into small pieces to avoid choking hazards.

7. Can I feed baby squirrels baby food?
Baby food can be given to baby squirrels as long as it does not contain any added sugar, salt, or artificial ingredients.

8. How long does the weaning process take for baby squirrels?
The weaning process for baby squirrels typically takes around two to four weeks.

9. Can I feed baby squirrels cat or dog food?
No, cat or dog food is not suitable for baby squirrels as it lacks the necessary nutrients for their growth. Stick to their natural diet.

10. Can baby squirrels drink cow’s milk after weaning?
After weaning, baby squirrels no longer require milk. They should transition to a diet of solid foods and water.

11. Can baby squirrels eat insects?
Yes, as baby squirrels grow, they can eat insects as a natural part of their diet. However, it is best to consult experts for proper guidance.

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12. Can baby squirrels eat chocolate?
No, chocolate is toxic to squirrels and should never be given to them.

Ensuring a proper diet is vital for the healthy growth and development of baby squirrels. By providing them with a balanced diet and seeking professional advice when needed, we can help these adorable creatures thrive in their natural habitat.