What Is Wrong With the Baby in Vikings Season 2

What Is Wrong With the Baby in Vikings Season 2?

Vikings, the historical drama television series, has captivated audiences worldwide with its gripping storyline, intense battle scenes, and complex characters. One of the central plotlines in Vikings Season 2 revolves around a mysterious ailment that plagues Siggy’s newborn baby. This article aims to explore what is wrong with the baby in Vikings Season 2 and unravel the mysteries surrounding this particular storyline.

In the series, Siggy, the wife of Earl Haraldson’s son, experiences a tragic loss when her firstborn child dies. However, she gives birth to another baby, whose health deteriorates rapidly. The baby exhibits symptoms of weakness, difficulty breathing, and a persistent fever, leading Siggy and those around her to believe that the child is cursed or possessed. The situation becomes more perplexing as the baby’s condition worsens, leaving everyone desperate for answers.

The exact nature of the baby’s illness is never explicitly explained in the series. However, it can be inferred that the baby suffers from a serious infection or a congenital disease. In the medieval setting of Vikings, medical knowledge and resources are limited, resulting in a lack of understanding about such conditions. This adds to the mystique surrounding the baby’s ailment and the prevailing superstitions of the time.

To further complicate matters, the baby’s illness coincides with the rise of Ragnar Lothbrok, the protagonist of the series, and his growing influence in the Viking community. Some characters, like Siggy, interpret the baby’s illness as a sign of Ragnar’s dark magic or a curse brought upon them due to his ambitions. This belief highlights the deeply ingrained superstitions and fear prevalent among the Viking society.

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Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions related to this storyline:

1. Why doesn’t anyone seek medical help for the baby?
In the Viking era, medical knowledge and resources were limited, making it difficult to find appropriate medical help for severe illnesses.

2. Could the baby’s illness be contagious?
It is unlikely that the baby’s illness is contagious, as no other characters in the series show similar symptoms.

3. Is the baby’s illness a result of Siggy’s actions?
There is no concrete evidence to suggest that Siggy’s actions directly caused the baby’s illness. It is more likely a result of a congenital condition or infection.

4. Does the baby survive?
To avoid spoilers, it is best to watch the series to find out the fate of the baby.

5. Does the baby’s illness have any significance to the overall plot?
The baby’s illness serves as a catalyst for various character developments and adds an element of mystery and drama to the storyline.

6. Does the baby’s illness have any historical basis?
While Vikings is based on historical events, specific details about the baby’s illness are fictional and not historically documented.

7. Is the baby’s illness resolved by the end of Season 2?
The resolution of the baby’s illness is revealed as the season progresses, but it is best discovered through watching the show.

8. Are there any supernatural elements involved in the baby’s illness?
The series occasionally incorporates elements of mysticism and superstition, but the exact cause of the baby’s illness remains grounded in the realm of reality.

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9. Does the baby’s illness affect other characters emotionally?
The baby’s illness deeply affects Siggy and those close to her, creating emotional turmoil and driving certain actions in the series.

10. Does the baby’s illness have any impact on future storylines?
The baby’s illness plays a significant role in shaping the trajectory of some characters’ arcs and has implications for future events in the series.

11. Was the baby’s illness intentionally introduced to create drama?
As with any television series, dramatic plotlines are often introduced to engage and captivate the audience. The baby’s illness serves as one such dramatic element.

12. Is the baby’s illness resolved satisfactorily?
Opinions on the resolution of the baby’s illness may vary among viewers. However, the story arc surrounding the baby’s illness is concluded in a satisfying manner, providing closure for the characters involved.

In conclusion, the baby’s illness in Vikings Season 2 adds an intriguing layer of mystery and superstition to the series. While the exact nature of the illness remains undisclosed, it serves as a catalyst for character development and reveals the fears and beliefs prevalent in the Viking society. Vikings fans eagerly follow the storyline to uncover the fate of the baby and witness its impact on the overall narrative.

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