What to Write in Book for New Baby

What to Write in a Book for a New Baby

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a joyous occasion, filled with excitement, love, and hope for the future. As parents, family members, or friends, we often search for the perfect gift to commemorate this special milestone. While there are countless options available, one timeless and heartfelt choice is a book for the new baby. A book not only provides entertainment and education but also serves as a keepsake that can be cherished for years to come. So, what should you write in a book for a new baby? Let’s explore some ideas.

1. Personalized Message: Begin by addressing the baby by name and expressing your heartfelt congratulations and well wishes. This personalized touch will make the gift extra special.

2. Memories: Share your favorite memories with the baby’s parents or stories from your own childhood. These anecdotes will create a lasting connection and strengthen the bond between you and the child.

3. Advice: Offer some words of wisdom or advice to the baby as they embark on their journey through life. This could be anything from kindness and empathy to pursuing their dreams.

4. Wishes for the Future: Express your hopes and dreams for the baby’s future. You can encourage them to follow their passions, embrace challenges, and always believe in themselves.

5. Inspirational Quotes: Include inspirational quotes or poems that resonate with the values you wish to impart. These words of wisdom will serve as a guiding light for the child as they grow.

6. Family History: Share some interesting facts or stories about the baby’s family history. This will help them understand their roots and appreciate their heritage.

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7. Encouraging Words: Write encouraging and uplifting messages to inspire the baby during challenging times. Let them know that they are loved and supported unconditionally.

8. Future Goals: Share your hopes for what the baby will achieve in life. Whether it’s becoming a doctor, an artist, or a teacher, let them know that you believe in their potential.

9. Promises: Make promises to the baby, such as always being there when they need someone to talk to or sharing special moments together. These promises will reinforce the bond between you and the child.

10. Funny Stories: Share some humorous experiences or funny stories that will bring a smile to the baby’s face as they grow older. Laughter is a beautiful gift that transcends generations.

11. Lessons Learned: Reflect on the important life lessons you have learned and write them down for the baby to discover. These insights can help them navigate their own journey through life.

12. Closing Thoughts: End your message by expressing your love, support, and excitement for the baby’s future. Let them know that they are surrounded by a loving community that will always be there for them.


1. Can I write in any book, or should it be a specific type?
It can be any book, but consider choosing a children’s book that has a special meaning or is a classic.

2. Should I write in the book myself or have others contribute?
Both options are wonderful! You can write your personal message and invite others to add their own thoughts and wishes.

3. Is it better to write in print or cursive?
Choose whichever style you are most comfortable with, as long as the writing is legible.

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4. Should I write directly on the pages or use sticky notes?
Writing directly on the pages ensures that your message is permanently preserved, but using sticky notes can also be a creative and removable option.

5. Can I include photographs or drawings in the book?
Absolutely! Adding personal touches like photographs or drawings will make the book even more special.

6. Is it appropriate to include religious or spiritual messages?
If the baby’s family embraces a particular faith or spirituality, including messages aligned with their beliefs can be meaningful. Otherwise, it is best to keep the messages universal and inclusive.

7. Should I write for the baby or for the parents?
You can write for both! Address the baby directly, but also acknowledge the parents’ role in nurturing and guiding the child throughout their life.

8. How long should my message be?
There is no set length for your message. Write as much or as little as you feel is appropriate and meaningful.

9. Can I write in multiple languages?
If the baby comes from a multicultural background, writing in multiple languages can be a beautiful way to celebrate their heritage.

10. Should I date my message?
Dating your message adds a personal touch and helps the baby track when each message was written as they grow older.

11. Can I write multiple messages in different books?
Yes! You can write different messages in different books, allowing the baby to have a variety of perspectives and memories to cherish.

12. Should I write a message for a baby shower or wait until after the baby is born?
You can write a message for a baby shower to show your excitement and anticipation. However, waiting until after the baby is born allows you to include more personal details and experiences.

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In conclusion, writing in a book for a new baby is a meaningful and lasting gift. It allows you to share your love, wisdom, and hopes for the child’s future. Whether it’s a personalized message, advice, or funny stories, your words will be treasured for years to come. So, take the time to write a heartfelt message and create a keepsake that will be cherished by the new baby and their family.

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