What to Write in Books for Baby Shower

What to Write in Books for Baby Shower

A baby shower is a joyous occasion where friends and family come together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a little one. It is a time filled with love, laughter, and gifts. One popular gift idea is to bring a book for the baby’s library. Writing a personalized message in the book adds a special touch and creates a cherished keepsake for both the child and the parents. If you’re wondering what to write in books for a baby shower, here are some ideas to inspire you.

1. Start with a heartfelt congratulations: Begin your message by expressing your excitement and joy for the parents-to-be. Let them know how happy you are to be a part of their journey and how excited you are to meet the little one.

2. Share your favorite childhood memory: Books have the power to transport us to different worlds and evoke memories. Share a favorite childhood memory that is connected to the book you’re gifting. It could be a story of how that book made you fall in love with reading or a special bonding moment with a loved one.

3. Offer words of wisdom: Parenthood is a wonderful yet challenging journey. Share some words of wisdom or advice that you have learned along the way. It could be about the importance of patience, the joy of simple moments, or the power of unconditional love.

4. Write a heartfelt message: Take a moment to write a heartfelt message that expresses your love and support for the parents-to-be. Let them know that you are there for them, not just during the baby shower but throughout their journey as parents.

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5. Add a personalized quote: Find a quote that resonates with you and the theme of the book. It could be a quote about the magic of childhood, the power of imagination, or the beauty of family. This will add a personal touch to your message.

6. Share your hopes and dreams: Express your hopes and dreams for the baby. Wish them a life filled with love, happiness, and endless opportunities. Let them know that you believe in their potential and can’t wait to see them grow.

7. Include a funny anecdote: Laughter is always a good idea. Share a funny story or anecdote that will put a smile on the parents’ faces. Parenthood can be challenging, and a little humor goes a long way in keeping things light and enjoyable.

8. Write a letter to the future: Imagine the baby reading the book years later and stumbling upon your message. Write a letter to the future, sharing your thoughts, hopes, and dreams for the person they will become. It will make for a touching moment when they come across it later in life.

9. Include a personalized drawing: If you’re artistically inclined, include a personalized drawing or doodle in the book. It could be a cute illustration of the baby’s name or a favorite character from the book. This will make the book even more special and unique.

10. Sign your name with love: Finally, sign your name with love. Let the parents-to-be know that the message comes from your heart and that you are excited to be a part of their lives.


1. Can I write the message in the book cover?
Yes, you can write the message in the book cover or on the first page. Choose a spot that won’t cover any important illustrations or information.

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2. Should I write the message in the baby’s name or the parent’s name?
You can address the message to the baby’s name or the parent’s name, depending on your preference. If the parents have already announced the baby’s name, it can be a lovely touch to write the message directly to the little one.

3. Can I use quotes from the book in my message?
Absolutely! Using quotes from the book adds a special connection between the message and the story. It shows that you have put thought and effort into your message.

4. Should I write the message in cursive or print?
Write the message in whichever style feels most comfortable to you. The important thing is that the message comes from your heart.

5. How long should my message be?
There’s no set length for your message. It can be as short and sweet or as long and heartfelt as you’d like. Just make sure it reflects your love and support for the parents-to-be.

6. Can I write the message in a different language?
If you and the parents-to-be share a common language, writing the message in that language can be a beautiful gesture. However, if you choose to write in a different language, consider including a translation or a note explaining the message.

7. Should I write the message in pencil or pen?
Using a pen is recommended as it ensures that the message won’t fade or smudge over time. However, if you prefer to use a pencil, make sure it is a good quality one that won’t smudge easily.

8. Can I write a message in a second-hand book?
Certainly! Second-hand books can hold just as much sentimental value as new ones. Just make sure to choose a book in good condition and write your message with care.

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9. Can I write a message in a board book?
Board books are a popular choice for babies as they are sturdy and durable. You can definitely write a message in a board book, but it might be easier to use a permanent marker instead of a pen or pencil.

10. Should I include the date in my message?
Adding the date to your message can be a nice touch, as it helps create a timeline of the baby’s life. It’s up to you whether you want to include it or not.

11. Should I write a separate message for each book?
If you’re bringing multiple books to the baby shower, you can write a separate message for each book or write a general message that applies to all the books. It’s completely up to you and how much time and effort you want to put into each message.

12. Can I include my contact information in the message?
If you’d like to stay connected with the parents-to-be and be a part of their lives, you can include your contact information in the message. However, it’s important to respect their privacy and not make them feel obligated to reach out to you.

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