What to Write Inside a Baby Shower Book

What to Write Inside a Baby Shower Book

A baby shower book is a wonderful keepsake that captures heartfelt messages, advice, and well wishes for the new parents and their little bundle of joy. It is a unique and personalized gift that will be cherished for years to come. However, when faced with a blank page, it can be challenging to know what to write. To help you navigate this task, here are some ideas on what to write inside a baby shower book.

1. Personal Messages: Start by writing a personal message to the parents-to-be. Express your excitement for their new journey into parenthood and share your well wishes for the baby’s future.

2. Favorite Memories: Recall a special memory you shared with the parents or something memorable about the mom-to-be during her pregnancy. It could be a funny anecdote or a heartwarming moment.

3. Advice and Wisdom: Share your wisdom as a parent or offer advice on raising a child. This can be practical tips or philosophical insights that you have gained from your own experiences.

4. Quotes and Poems: If you’re struggling to find the right words, include a meaningful quote or poem about parenthood. There are plenty of inspiring verses available that capture the essence of this beautiful phase of life.

5. Prayers and Blessings: If you are religious, consider including a prayer or a blessing for the baby and the parents. It can be a comforting and uplifting gesture.

6. Dreams and Hopes: Write about your hopes and dreams for the baby’s future. Share the qualities you wish for the child to possess and the adventures you hope they will embark upon.

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7. Encouragement: Offer words of encouragement to the parents. Parenting can be challenging at times, so remind them of their strengths and the love they have for their child.

8. Reading Suggestions: Recommend some of your favorite children’s books for the parents to read to their little one. Include a brief explanation of why you love these books and the impact they can have on a child’s imagination.

9. Milestone Predictions: Make predictions about the baby’s future milestones and achievements. It could be their first word, first steps, or even their future career. These predictions can be fun to look back on as the child grows.

10. Well Wishes from Others: If you are attending a baby shower with a group of friends or family members, encourage everyone to write a message in the book. This way, the parents will have a collection of well wishes from their loved ones.

11. Photos and Drawings: Consider adding photos or drawings to accompany your message. This personal touch can make the book even more special.

12. Time Capsule: Write a letter to the baby that they can read when they are older. Include details about the current world, popular culture, and your hopes for their future.


1. Can I write a message to the baby if I’m not close to the parents?
Absolutely! It’s a kind gesture that will be appreciated, regardless of your relationship with the parents.

2. Should I include my contact information in the book?
If you wish to stay in touch with the parents or have a close relationship with them, it’s a thoughtful idea to include your contact information.

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3. Can I write a funny message in the baby shower book?
Yes, humor is always welcome! Just make sure it’s light-hearted and appropriate.

4. Can I write a message to both parents separately?
Yes, you can write separate messages to each parent if you would like to address them individually.

5. What if I’m not a parent myself? Can I still offer advice?
Absolutely! You can offer advice based on your own experiences with children, or even share wisdom you have gained from observing others.

6. Should I write in the book before or after the baby is born?
You can do either. Writing before the baby is born allows you to express your excitement and anticipation, while writing after the baby is born allows you to address them directly.

7. Can I write in a foreign language?
If the parents understand the language, it can be a beautiful way to celebrate their cultural heritage. Just make sure to provide a translation if necessary.

8. Can I include a small gift with the book?
Yes, you can include a small gift such as a baby toy or a bookmark as a thoughtful addition.

9. Can I write a letter to the parents instead of the baby?
Absolutely! The baby shower book is a gift for the parents, so a heartfelt letter addressed to them is a lovely idea.

10. How long should my message be?
There is no set length. Write as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. It’s the thought that counts!

11. Can I include a photo of myself with the parents or the baby?
Yes, including a photo adds a personal touch. It’s a lovely way for the child to see who was present at their baby shower.

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12. Can I write in the baby shower book even if I’m not attending the baby shower?
Yes, you can still send your message to the parents and ask them to include it in the book. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

In conclusion, a baby shower book is a meaningful gift that allows you to express your love, support, and well wishes for the new parents and their baby. Whether you choose to share personal stories, offer advice, or simply send your blessings, your heartfelt words will be cherished for years to come.

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