Where to Put Pacifier Clip

Where to Put Pacifier Clip: A Handy Guide for Parents

Pacifiers are a godsend for many parents when it comes to soothing their little ones. However, these tiny accessories have a tendency to get lost or dropped frequently, leading to unnecessary frustration. This is where pacifier clips come to the rescue! These simple yet ingenious clips keep the pacifier within reach and prevent it from falling onto dirty floors or getting misplaced. But where exactly should you put a pacifier clip? Read on to find out!

1. Clothing: The most common and convenient place to attach a pacifier clip is to your baby’s clothing. Simply clip it onto their shirt, onesie, or the collar of their bib. This keeps the pacifier close to your little one, ensuring easy access whenever they need it.

2. Diaper Bag: Another practical option is to attach the pacifier clip to the strap or handle of your baby’s diaper bag. This way, the pacifier remains easily accessible while you’re on the go.

3. Stroller or Car Seat: If you’re out for a walk or traveling in a car, attaching the pacifier clip to the stroller or car seat is a great idea. This prevents the pacifier from accidentally falling onto the ground, making it easy to retrieve whenever needed.

4. High Chair: While feeding your baby in a high chair, you can attach the pacifier clip to the chair itself. This keeps the pacifier within reach during mealtime, providing instant comfort if needed.

5. Baby Carrier: If you’re using a baby carrier to carry your little one, you can attach the pacifier clip to the carrier’s strap. This ensures that the pacifier is readily available during your stroll or while you’re on the move.

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6. Crib: Some parents prefer to attach the pacifier clip to the crib, ensuring it’s always within reach when their baby needs it during sleep or nap time.

7. Playpen or Bouncer: If your little one spends time in a playpen or bouncer, attaching the pacifier clip to these items keeps the pacifier close by, preventing it from getting lost.

8. Baby’s Room: Consider attaching a pacifier clip to a nearby surface in your baby’s room, such as the changing table or the side of the crib. This way, the pacifier is conveniently located during nighttime wake-ups or diaper changes.

9. Nursery Bag: If your baby attends daycare or spends time with a caregiver, having a pacifier clip attached to their nursery bag ensures the pacifier is always on hand and easily identifiable.

10. Baby’s Bathrobe: Some pacifier clips have a loop that can be attached to your baby’s bathrobe or towel, making it easy to find and use after bath time.

11. Binky Bag: A small bag designed specifically for pacifiers can be a handy accessory. Attach the pacifier clip to the bag, and you’ll never have to search for the pacifier again.

12. Your Pocket: If you don’t want to attach the pacifier clip to anything, simply clip it onto your pocket or waistband. This allows you to keep the pacifier close to you at all times.


1. Are pacifier clips safe for babies?
Yes, pacifier clips are designed with safety in mind. However, always supervise your child while using one to prevent any accidents.

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2. Can I attach a pacifier clip to my baby’s clothing when they sleep?
It’s best to remove the pacifier clip when your baby is sleeping to avoid any potential hazards.

3. What material should I look for in a pacifier clip?
Opt for a pacifier clip made of BPA-free, non-toxic materials that are safe for your baby to chew on.

4. How often should I clean the pacifier clip?
Clean the pacifier clip regularly using mild soap and water, and ensure it’s thoroughly dry before using it again.

5. Can I use a pacifier clip for other items?
Yes, pacifier clips can be used to secure teethers or small toys as well.

6. Can pacifier clips be used with all types of pacifiers?
Most pacifier clips are designed to be universal and can be used with any type of pacifier.

7. Is it necessary to buy multiple pacifier clips?
Having multiple pacifier clips can be helpful, especially if you frequently misplace them or need backups.

8. Can I make my own pacifier clip?
Yes, there are many DIY tutorials available online if you prefer to make your own pacifier clip.

9. Can pacifier clips be used for older children?
Pacifier clips can be used until the child reaches an age where they no longer require a pacifier.

10. How long should a pacifier clip be?
Most pacifier clips range from 8 to 10 inches in length, which is considered safe and practical.

11. Are there any safety precautions to keep in mind?
Always ensure that the pacifier clip is securely attached, and regularly check for any signs of wear or damage.

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12. Can pacifier clips be used while breastfeeding?
It’s generally recommended to remove pacifier clips while breastfeeding to avoid any potential interference.

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